Dry container is by far the most common type of container and is the standard tool of international transportation. It is designed to carry almost any kind of dry goods. This equipment can easily move together with refrigerated containers and out of gauge cargo.

You can ship any type of goods in any type of packing with our ability to customize dry containers.

  • ISO certified

    list All of our containers meet ISO standards 1496 and 6346, as well as C.S.C. criteria (Convention for Safe Containers).

  • Suitable for multi-modal transport

    list Our containers can be easily transported via ship, train, barge, truck and air.

  • Wide range for your cargo needs

    list With an extensive range of containers available, choose from Open Top, Flat Rack or High Cube Pallet Wide containers to suit your cargo needs.

Visit our Equipment page for container technical specifications.

Transportation of Automotives

Autotainer is a flat rack dry container which can be used to transport of up to four cars. With the highest safety considerations, it can be easily handled and allows for fast on and off-ramp. Coupled with our ability to remotely track our containers, you can be assured of a smooth door-to-door transportation from origin to destination.

  • Easily operated

    list Partial dismantling is not required. On and off-ramp process is secured and fast.

  • Suitable for multimodal routes

    list Our containers are adapted for multimodal transport.

  • Door-to-door capabilities

    list Journey from origin to destination seamlessly.

 Automotive Industries