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Turkey's ENS Regulation - Apply to ABX Black Sea Service

We would like to inform you that the Turkish Customs requirements for submission of Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) for inbound cargo will apply to our new ABX Black Sea Service. The first vessel, MOL Performance V065, under this service will arrive Ningbo on 6 April 2012.

APL will be responsible for the timely electronic transmission of the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), and we will transmit one ENS per B/L or Sea Waybill.

ENS transmission must be carried out no later than 24 hours prior to start of the loading of vessels, from a non-Turkish load port, which are bound for a Turkish port.

To comply with this regulation we will require complete and accurate shipping instructions. As this is a new service with direct call at Turkish port and with system integration with Turkish Customs not fully in place, we anticipate more time will be required to ensure a smooth and timely ENS submission. As such, we would require documentation closing time to be 24 hours earlier than that required for other “advance manifest” 24 Hour Rules in locations such as the USA, Canada, EU or Mexico.

As a reminder, to enable the submission of an ENS, the following information is required in your shipping instructions:

  • Full name and address of shipper and consignee
  • Full name and address of notify party where goods are carried under a negotiable “to order” B/L
  • Container number
  • Goods description (general terms for example “consolidated cargo” or “general cargo” cannot be accepted)
  • Minimally first six digits of the HS code.
  • Number of packages
  • Cargo gross weight
  • Seal number
  • UN dangerous goods code where applicable

Tax number of consignee or notify party