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All APL services to LIFT off on 15 October 2018

Following the smooth transition of 11 selected services to APL’s new LIFT platforms, we are pleased to announce that the scope of Project LIFT will expand to all APL services, effective 15 October 2018.

From 15 October 2018 onwards, starting from voyages beginning on or after 12 November 2018, please be alerted that you will undergo the following as part of your LIFT experience:

  • A new that is integrated with APL eBusiness, an intuitive and comprehensive online transaction portal replacing HomePort
  • Track shipments on the newly launched or APL eBusiness
  • New Voyage Code format
  • New Booking Confirmation template
  • New Bill of Lading (BL) template
    No freight rates shown on BL, except for U.S., Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua
    Print Original BL on new paper featuring greater security
  • New Invoice template
    Invoices issued on top of new BL, except for U.S., Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua

Please note

For voyages not among the 11 selected services currently, or starting before 12 November:

  • Your end-to-end process and interfaces with APL remains unchanged.
  • For APL eBusiness users, you will be directed to HomePort, which remains accessible via the APL eBusiness menu until the last transaction completes on the platform.

For details on your LIFT experience, please visit the LIFT dedicated site:

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact (for HomePort and APL eBusiness enquiries) or your local APL representative (for all other queries).

Thank you for your business and continued support.