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LIFT enhancements: Booking

Following the success of 11 selected services that first came under Project LIFT, please be informed that LIFT will be extended to all services – in both directions – beginning with vessel voyages that set sail on or after 12 November 2018.

Please find below the same enhancements you will experience when placing a booking for the voyages described above, effective 15 October 2018:

1. APL eBusiness replaces HomePort as the one-stop platform to carry out all your booking-related activities online, including:

  • Easy route search on Routing Finder
  • Intuitive booking request form with step-by-step guide
  • Comprehensive booking dashboard to manage all bookings

Click here to view the eBooking step-by-step guide.

2. New Booking Confirmation (BC) template

  • More comprehensive than the current version
  • Customized according to unique needs in every country

Please note

1. To speed up your booking confirmation process, please ensure to provide the following information when placing a booking:

  • The cargo’s HS code (Harmonized System code, also known as HTS code)
    To obtain the HS Code for your cargo, you could click here to visit the Harmonized Tariff Schedule site set up by the U.S. International Trade Commission.
  • Quotation or contract number
    Your existing contract number will take on a new format in our new system. Obtain your new contract number by entering your current number in the query tool on

2. If you have placed booking for any voyage that begins beyond 12 November, and received a BC in the current template: On or after 15 October, you will receive a second BC in the new template for the same booking.

3. For voyages not among the 11 selected services currently, or starting before 12 November:

  • Your end-to-end process and interfaces with APL remains unchanged.
  • For APL eBusiness users, you will be directed to HomePort, which remains accessible via the APL eBusiness menu until the last transaction completes on the platform.

Click here for more information.

For details on other aspects of your LIFT experience, visit the LIFT microsite:

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact (for HomePort and APL eBusiness enquiries) or your local APL representative (for all other queries).

Thank you for your business and continued support.