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LIFT enhancements: Invoicing and Payment

Following the success of 11 selected services that first came under Project LIFT, please be informed that effective 15 October 2018, the same LIFT enhancements will be extended to all services, beginning with vessel voyages that set off on or after 12 November 2018.

The enhancements at the invoicing and payment stages are as follows:

1. APL eBusiness replaces HomePort as the one-stop platform to:

  • Obtain your invoices, Notice of Arrivals and Delivery Orders online
  • View detention, demurrage and merged amounts incurred for your containers (previously Dashweb, now “Container Charges” tool – available via the eBusiness menu from 29 October 2018 onwards)
  • Pay multiple invoices at the same time (U.S. inbound demurrage charges for now; more to follow)

2. Easy search for APL charges and inland prices on the new and APL eBusiness

  • Carrier Charge Finder tool to search for APL charges
  • Inland Prices tool to search for fees on APL’s expanded intermodal services (requires APL eBusiness account to access)
  • Detention and demurrage charges for every country

3. Invoices will be issued in a new template, and generated separately from Bill of Lading (BL) for billing purpose

  • BL will no longer carry freight charges
  • Exception: Customers in U.S., Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua will continue to receive BL with freight charges

4. Surcharge names and codes will be streamlined

Use the conversion tool on the LIFT microsite to match the new surcharge names and codes with the current ones.

Please note

For voyages not among the 11 selected services currently, or starting before 12 November:

  • Your end-to-end process and interfaces with APL remains unchanged.
  • For APL eBusiness users, you will be directed to HomePort, which remains accessible via the APL eBusiness menu until the last transaction completes on the platform.

Click here for more information.

For details on other aspects of your LIFT experience, visit the LIFT microsite:

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact (for HomePort and APL eBusiness enquiries) or your local APL representative (for all other queries).