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LIFT enhancements: Service Contracts

As part of Project LIFT to elevate your APL experience, we are pleased to share the enhancements that will be applied to the format of your service contract/s with us. This applies to all contracts that involve trades regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).

While your existing service contract will take on a new look, you can be assured that all agreed rates and terms and conditions remain the same.

Upcoming features and enhancements to your service contract/s include:

1. Excel file with tabs
If your existing contract is in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, it will be converted to Microsoft Excel (.xls) format, enabling easy navigation between content sections by toggling across multiple worksheet tabs.

Even if your existing contract is already in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format, you may find below enhancements useful.

2. New contract numbering format
With the progressive migration of existing contracts to our new system, your contract number will take on a new format.

A query tool is available on to help identify the new contract numbers based on existing ones. Where available, please reference the new number when making a booking.

3. More appendix groups for easy rate search
Appendices for rate search will expand from 13 to 23, and will be logically organized based on regional groupings of origins and destinations. Download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the full list of appendices.

4. More structured information
Find all information on Detention & Demurrage (D & D) free time and charges in the same section, within the Excel sheet named after the applicable appendix, under table “Term 101 Exceptions”.

5. Greater details in rate filing
All filed rates will come with more granular details in the agreed routes. For instance, where inland transportation is required, more definitive routing information including Place of Receipt, POL, POD, Place of Delivery and Mode will be displayed.

For more information, download our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your APL sales representative.

Thank you for your business and continued support.