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Canada Market: Intermodal Hazardous Surcharge (IHZ)

Please be informed that APL will be implementing the below Intermodal Hazardous Surcharge (IHZ) for the Canada market, effective 8 November 2019:

The following charge will apply to all shipments governed by this tariff that contain hazardous materials moving under carrier haulage by rail, motor, motor-rail, or barge in Canada per container (any size) for each leg of transport.

Origin: Canada, USA
Load port: Canada
Destination: All Destinations

Canada OB

Origin: All Origins
Destination: Canada, USA
Discharge: Canada

Canada IB

The charge will be shown on the bill of lading and will be paid by the cargo interest before release of container to the consignee.

For the purposes of this charge, hazardous materials will mean all commodities using an STCC code set forth in chapter 48 or 49 of the Standard Transportation Commodity Code.

All booking acceptance are subject to operation's approval.

For more information, please contact your local APL representative. We thank you for your business and continued support.