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Asia-Middle East and Red Sea Markets: Launch of OCEAN Alliance Day 4

Offering a wide coverage with some of the industry’s best transit times, APL is pleased to announce the enhancements to our Asia-Middle East services with the launch of OCEAN Alliance (OA) Day 4, as well as present the OA services on our Asia-Red Sea services.

Asia-Middle East Services

  • Comprehensive coverage of key ports in the Far East and Middle East
  • Facilitates trade to growth areas of Qatar, Oman and Iraq directly from the Far East
  • Industry fastest transit time from Ningbo to key ports in Middle East
  • Exclusive direct Bahrain caller in Asia – Middle East market
  • Direct coverage from Lianyungang, Hong Kong into Hamad and from Hamad into Nansha, Lianyungang, Hong Kong

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Asia-Red Sea Services

  • Competitive transit time into Red Sea, with industry fastest transit time from China to Djibouti, as well as within Red sea from Jeddah to Aqaba and Ain Sukhna
  • Direct connection between Taiwan and Red Sea ports, as well as full coverage of key China ports to all Red Sea ports

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Service rotations stated above are subject to market conditions and review.

For enquiries, please contact your local APL representative. We thank you for your business and continued support.