Customer Advisory Rates Tariffs

Additional Peak Season Surcharge (PSS03) - From Asia to U.S.

In light of evolving market conditions, please be informed that unless otherwise specified, an additional Peak Season Surcharge (PSS-03) will apply to tariff or service contract rates for all cargo moving under the scope as outlined effective August 15th, 2021 for all APL cargo on the following lanes:

From/via: All Asia (includes Far East) Ports of Loading
To: All U.S. Ports of Discharge and inland points

  • USD 540 per 20' (all types)
  • USD 600 per 40' (all types)
  • USD 600 per 40'HC (all types)
  • USD 600 per 40' (reefer types)
  • USD 760 per 45' (all types)
  • USD 960 per 53'* (all types)

*USWC ports of discharge

The PSS-03 will not apply to shipment rates to/via Guam port of discharge. The PSS03 charge detailed above is in addition to the existing PSS00 effective June 1st, 2021, and PSS02 effective July 15th, 2021.

Please contact your local APL representative if you have any questions or need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.