Eagle Express 1 (EX1)

When it comes to service reliability, APL’s U.S.-flagged EX1 remains a leading service* in the Trans-Pacific, connecting the key markets of North Asia and the U.S. West Coast with consistent on-time performance.

What’s more, drawing on APL’s over 170-year strong heritage, EX1 is deployed on U.S. flagged vessels that are christened with former U.S. Presidents’ names.

APL Advantage

  • APL's flagship service with fast 14-day and 11-day transits from Shanghai and Busan to Los Angeles
  • Cargo arrival at Los Angeles on Sundy with Monday local availability
  • Fast 13-day transit from Los Angeles to Yokohama
  • Dependable transits to inland destinations across North America with APL-dedicated trains
  • The only dedicated service that offers day-definite inland rail service: Eagle REACH. Guaranteed, backed by a money-back guarantee

More information on APL's EX1 and the services it has to offer:

Eagle Express 1 sell sheet - English

APL Trains flyer - English

Click here to find out more about our Eagle Guaranteed service which also complements the Eagle Express (EX1) service.

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*EX1 Reliability Performance

EX1 reliability