We understand reefer shipping can be complex. Even a single mistake can be costly, that's why at APL, our experienced reefer experts work closely with customers to tailor solutions that suit their unique requirements. Whatever your shipping puzzle might be, we will find the solution to ensure the freshness and value of your fruit and vegetables is protected all the way.

Temperature Management

CMA CGM Our reefer solutions incorporate a state-of-the-art electronic, microprocessor-based control system designed to preserve perfect freshness.

Atmosphere Management

CMA CGM APL’s smart atmosphere management systems maintain total control over air composition during shipment.

Humidity Management

CMA CGM Our high-tech reefer containers are equipped with dehumidification systems to enable relative humidity to be set at exact cargo requirements.

Cold Treatment

CMA CGM APL deploys SMARTcool, the most sophisticated cold treatment techniques available to help shippers meet quarantine requirements.

Live Monitoring

CMA CGM Our cutting edge technologies allow instant and accurate temperature, humidity and atmosphere data retrieval.