Cold Treatment

smart cool

No chemicals. No fruit flies. No Larvae. Stringent protocols met. 100%

SMARTcool is the most sophisticated cold treatment (CT) technique available to help shippers meet quarantine requirements.

Fruit flies and their larvae can flourish without proper management, causing consignments to fail import regulations. By maintaining a consistent, sufficiently low temperature throughout the entire voyage, SMARTcool is a special post-harvest process that eradicates pests without the need for fumigation. Our reefer professionals are also trained to ensure protocols for your specific cargo are maintained from origin to destination.



  • Carried out in-transit with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) cold-treatment-certified containers
  • All APL reefer unit's air ventilation systems are installed with med fly protective screens to prevent potential infestation of fruit flies during transit
  • Customized SMARTcool process and in-transit monitoring


  • Effectively exterminates Mediterranean and tropical fruit flies and larvae
  • Eliminates the need for fumigation using chemicals that are prohibited in many countries
  • Allows perishables to get to market much faster and in optimum condition compared to land-based cold treatments in storage
  • Enables products to command premium value and meet consumers’ preference for non-fumigated produce

Money-back Guarantee

With one of the highest CT success rates in the industry, APL is going the extra mile by committing to compensate our customers in case of a rejection of the goods by the relevant sanitary authorities as a result of a CT failure.

And with a minimal top-up, you can opt for SMARTcool Assured – an optional assurance that provides even greater protection.

smart cool assured

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Examples of products that benefit from SMARTcool


  • Citrus
  • Grapes
  • Kiwifruits
  • Lychees
  • Longans
  • Nectarines

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