Using the latest and most advanced technologies to preserve the atmosphere in the container, you can be assured that the freshness of your produce can be maintained throughout the journey.

  • Enhance the value of your produce

    Commodity By preventing the maturation, the shelf life of your fresh produce is extended and quality is preserved.

  • Broaden your business

    Company-Dollard Reach new markets thanks to extended shelf life of our produce.

  • Stay organic

    Ecocalc Retain your organic label as chemical treatment are not used.

  • Meet your special needs in transportation

    Container-3D The most suitable solution for transporting goods sensitive to transit time (snow peas, melons, etc.), organic produce (grapes, bananas, avocado, etc.) or high-value produce (asparagus, blueberries, etc.).

How does it work?

Two solutions are available:
  • The first solution utilizes a system that separates the ambient atmosphere, enabling the optimal gas levels in the container to be reached quickly. The temperature, humidity and gas levels (balance between O2 and CO2) are customized and continuously regulated.
  • The second solution utilizes the produce's natural respiration which absorb O2 and release CO2 inside the refrigerated container.