APL is a well respected participant within the USAID, USDA and NGO community. We are a leading logistics provider for the USAID Global Health Supply Chain. Our Global Relief team can assist with a wide array of Humanitarian Aid shipments including food aid, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, textbooks and dry goods. Annually, APL ships throughout the world approximately 80,000 metric tons of food aid via the USAID/USDA sponsored food programs while ensuring food safety and security.

APL has the global resources to ship your humanitarian aid and relief cargo safely and securely. By its nature, humanitarian aid and relief cargo travel to places that are difficult to access. APL has the experience and know-how to safely trans-load, relay, offload and deliver your cargo to its final destination, almost anywhere around the world. Our reach is truly global and includes key countries such as Mozambique, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Haiti.

Humanitarian Aid