Our Facilities

As a global ocean shipping carrier, we offer our customers dependable connections to an extensive network of major port terminals for their global transportation program.

With our dedicated terminals’ and sophisticated yard management systems, APL enables full supply chain control and visibility that speeds up the delivery of shipments and optimises service efficiency

Our Terminals

Dutch Harbor, U.S.

Located on the Aleutian Chain, approximately 750 miles southwest of Anchorage, Dutch Harbor is strategically located to support the commercial fishing industry in the vicinity.

Present Since 1976
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 1 (164)
Quay Cranes 1 Post Panamax
Terminal Area (Acres) 25
Depth (m) 12.2

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Berth 68/69

A natural deep-sea container terminal strategically located on the South West Coast of Taiwan.

Present Since 1978
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 2 (640)
Quay Cranes 6 Post Panamax
Terminal Area (Ha) 41
Depth (m) 15.2


Yokohama, Japan – Honmoku D4

A deep sea port located on the North Western edge of Tokyo Bay.

Present Since 1984
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 1 (400)
Quay Cranes 3 Post Panamax
Terminal Area (Ha) 18.7
Depth (m) 16

Laem Chabang, Thailand – Laem Chabang International Container Terminal (LCIT), B5 & C3

Located on the eastern shore of the upper Gulf of Thailand and approximately 110km south of Bangkok, LCIT is regarded as the most modern container terminal in Thailand.

Present Since 1998
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 2 (900) (B5= 400m, C3= 500m)
Quay Cranes 4 post Panamax, 5 super post-Panamax with Twin Lift
Terminal Area (Acres) 38
Depth (m) B5= 14m, C3= 16m MSL
Other Features Advanced terminal information systems

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Vietnam International Container Terminal (VICT)

VICT offers easy port access to customers in the South and Tan Thuan economic processing zone. It is the first dedicated container port in Vietnam that involves foreign participation.

Present since 1998
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 4 (678)
Quay Cranes 7 Post Panamax
Terminal Area (Ha) 20
Depth (m) 11

Qingdao, China – Qingdao Qianwan United Advance Container Terminal (QQCTUA)

Situated in Qianwan Harbor of Qingdao, China. QQCTUA, with most modern shore side gantry cranes and deep water alongside to accommodate six-generation mega-vessels.

Present Since 2011
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 2 (660)
Quay Cranes 7
Terminal Area (Ha) 52
Depth (m) 20

Rotterdam, Netherlands – Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG)

RWG is a highly innovative and automated container terminal located at Maasvlakte 2, the reclaimed extension to the Port of Rotterdam.

Present since 2015
No. of Berths (total length in metres) 2 main liner berths and
1 feeder berth
Quay Cranes 11 super post-Panamax,
deep-sea quay cranes and 3
barge/feeder quay cranes
Terminal Area (Acres) 108
Depth (m) Main liner berth - 20m
Feeder vessel berth - 11m
Other Features Fully automated

Our Container Yards

Davao, Philippines

APL operates the most comprehensive reefer Container Yard (CY) facility in Davao with 438 reefer plugs. APL’s Davao CY facility is strategically located 2 kilometres away from the port and is equipped with washing, maintenance and repair facilities.

Port Name APL Davao CY
Address KM 12
Contact No. Sasa , Davao City 8000, Philippines
(For operational enquiries only) (63) (82) 2351877
Fax No (63) (82) 2351877 local 107
Gate Opening Hours 24hrs
Cargo Closing Time Sat 0400hrs'
Area of yard 23,000 sq. meters
Height of stack 4 high/tier
Container Capacity 2,090 TEUs
No of reefer points 438 plugs

Joliet, U.S.

Located outside Joliet, IL within America’s largest inland port, Chicago Global Gateway, this container yard features automated gate technology, an equipment maintenance facility and reefer servicing capabilities. It is advantageously located close to the Union Pacific rail terminal, as well as numerous customer warehouses and distribution centres. This terminal replaces APL’s existing terminal in Chicago.

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Port Name Chicago Global Gateway
Address 2050 Centerpoint Way Joliet, IL 60436, United States
Contact No.
(For Operational Enquiries Only )
(1) (815) 280 1602 Option 3
Fax No. (1) (815) 280 1620
Gate Opening Hours Sun 2000hrs
Cargo Closing Time Fri 2200hrs
Area of Yard 43 acres
Heights of Stack 5 high/tiers
Container Capacity 1,100 stalls, 1,700 decked, 3,900 TEUs
No. of reefer points 50 plugs