As a responsible carrier, APL is committed to ensuring sound environmental stewardship in all our activities; safeguarding our people, assets and cargo; empowering talents and our communities; as well as upholding ethical business practices. We support environmental protection, education, disaster relief and aid delivery efforts, as well as enable the communities where APL has a presence.

Environmental Protection

Responsible environmental management is a cornerstone of APL’s worldwide operations. We adhere to the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of the CMA CGM Group to effectively mitigate the environmental impact of our operations, promote workplace safety and safeguard the assets and goods that we carry across the ocean. At the same time, we also drive programs that reduce the environmental impact arising from our vessel operations.

We have continued to advance in reducing carbon footprint, cutting sulphur emissions and protecting ocean biodiversity. APL has ensured compliance with the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap regulation since 1 January 2020. Our Group has combined the use of low-sulphur compliant fuel oil; exhaust gas cleaning systems or “scrubbers” and LNG-fueled vessels. We will stay fuel efficient and be transparent in fuel pricing to help shippers operate under the new business environment.

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Enabling Communities

APL believes in doing our part to improve lives around the world. Through activities that include donation drives, fund raising programs and humanitarian partnerships with non-profit organizations, we promote employee volunteerism and engage in numerous community outreach efforts around the world where APL has a presence.

Cultivating Maritime Talents

An advocate of learning, APL recognizes that education is a key pillar in developing talent for the long-term sustainability of the maritime industry. Through scholarship sponsorships and partnerships with tertiary education institutions, we empower and motivate students to achieve greater heights of excellence. APL also extends internship opportunities that offer aspiring maritime professionals practical experiences and an insight of the container shipping and supply chain business.

Safety & Security

Ensuring the safety of our seafarers and cargo is a key priority for APL. We imbue in our employees a strong “safety first” attitude on board our vessels and at the terminals that we operate, which is further reinforced in safety protocols and trainings. In addition to rigorous compliance to international and local regulations, as well as safety codes and conventions of the global maritime industry, APL also deploys the latest navigation assistance tools, route optimization systems and technologies that optimizes the safety of our vessels and seafarers.

Practicing Ethical Business

Integrity and respect underpin the APL’s interactions with our stakeholders. We believe that ethical interactions with shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners and among employees must always be upheld. Employees at all levels are also expected to contribute towards providing a safe and healthy work environment by achieving high standards of ethics, integrity and business practices in accordance with all applicable laws.

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