Export Procedures


APL Bangladesh is committed to your export needs

Please note the following requirements when managing your export shipments. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for enquiries or assistance.

  1. To ensure the rate contract validity by the shippers before submission of booking to APL.
  2. For NAC rate- shippers should indicate buyer name under NAC in the Also Notify field while submitting SI.
  3. Mother vessel name must be mentioned by the shipper or booking party with vessel voyage and ETA Destination Port.
  4. Shippers or booking party have to indicate in the booking that who will file the manifest (AMS).
  5. Temperature set up indication to be given by the shippers for Reefer Container during the booking.
  6. For Reefer shipments to USA under IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) method- shipper has to specifically mention it in the booking description in order to avoid Customs Penalties and risk issues for Reefer shipment with IQF technologies.
  7. Empty Container pick up date to be mentioned in the booking and shipper has to check with APL Bangladesh if failed to pick up empty container on any reasons.
  8. For Factory load cargo (except Chittagong EPZ factories), container has to in-gate with docs within 4 calendar days since empty out-gate else Detention Charge will incur. But for Chittagong EPZ factory container(s) has to return within 24 Hrs free time with Docs since empty out-gate else Detention Charge will incur.
  9. Feeder vessel and mother vessel schedule are subject to change so please check the correct vessels information at APL website through container number or BL number.
  10. VGM data to submit by online or EDI within 60 Hrs since vessel arrival at Berth otherwise USD 100 per CONTR will incur as late VGM submission or subsequent amendment charge (If any penalty incurs that also to be paid by customer).
  11. SI to be submitted within feeder vessel sailing date through APL website (HomePort) or EDI and Manual SI or email attached SI are not acceptable.
  12. House BL AMS (NVO) to be submitted within 2 days since feeder vessel sailing date from Bangladesh Port (If any amendment or Penalty incurs which to be paid by the shipper or booking party).
  13. If ultimate consignee name and address not furnished in the SI and not submitting HBL AMS (NVO) then it has to advise full name and address of ultimate consignee by email for manifest update.
  14. Shipment and shipment related terms as per APL Bill of Lading clauses which are available through APL Bangladesh local website.