Heavy Weight Surcharge effective 26 January 2020

Please be informed that effective 26 January 2020, APL will apply a Heavy Weight Surcharge (HWT) within the following service scope:

Origin: All Origins

Destination: Canada, USA (except Guam and Mariana Island)


Origin: Canada, USA (except Guam and Mariana Island)

Destination: All Destinations

Equipment Size CUR Cost Per Container
20' container USD 300
40' container USD 375
40' high cube container USD 375
45' container USD 375

The above charges will be applied when the carrier arranges for an inland haulage in Canada or U.S. moving via motor transport mode, whether all motor, combined motor rail, combined barge motor transport, or U.S. ramp inland points requiring cross-town drayage. The charges will be applied if the carrier must arrange provision or special chassis equipment for any reason or if the gross weight exceeds the weight level listed below:

Equipment Size/Type Weight
20' Dry 19.5 metric tons or 43,056 pounds
20' Reefer 18.8 metric tons or 41,402 pounds
40' Standard Dry 23.6 metric tons or 52,029 pounds
40' High Cube Dry 23.9 metric tons or 52,624 pounds
40' Standard Reefer 22.5 metric tons or 49,494 pounds
40' High Cube Reefer 22.3 metric tons or 49,163 pounds
45' Dry 24.5 metric tons or 54,101 pounds


  1. If inland point move is within local south Florida zone via Miami or Port Everglades Port, the per 40'/45’ will be limited to 50 USD.
  2. Effective date based on cargo receipt date.

For more information regarding the Heavy Weight Surcharge, please refer to APL's AP1 Tariff.

Please contact your local APL representative if you need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.