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In January 2017, APL and Guam celebrated the New Year with APL Saipan’s maiden call at the Port of Guam, officially commencing the weekly service for the Guam Saipan Express (GSX) service.

The U.S. flagged APL Saipan joins its sister ship, the U.S. flagged APL Guam which first arrived in Guam a year ago.

Together the two GSX vessels provide weekly service to Guam and Saipan -- linking the islands to the U.S mainland and the world via their connections to APL’s global network in Yokohama and Busan.

Committed to serving the local community, APL will continue to support our customers most importantly by offering the most relevant and cost effective cargo transportation solutions, whether from the U.S. mainland, Asia, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

The APL Advantage

• Weekly Priority 1 U.S. flag service departures from the U.S. West Coast ports to Guam and Saipan via APL’s Eagle Express (EX1) service

• A direct service connecting Guam and Saipan to APL’s global network via Yokohama and Busan

• Supported by dedicated support teams on Guam, Saipan and the U.S. mainland

• Exclusively APL operated and managed vessels for better control

• Equipment availability, including reefer, throughout inland points as well as coastal areas

• A viable alternative serving customers in Guam and Saipan

• Excellent service with overall industry knowledge, know-how and long experience

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