APL vessels latest schedule

Information regarding our shipping schedule can be found here. Furthermore, check out the latest updates on your shipment in our daily schedule.

With more than 100 routes going through more than 20 ports in Japan, APL understand your need to know the port at which your shipment is due to arrive in.

Our Export and Import schedules provide you with the necessary information on the expected date of arrival of your shipment.

Furthermore, our Daily schedule, which is updated every 30 minutes, provides you with the latest information regarding your shipment. You no longer have to worry about not knowing unforeseen delays and the whereabout of your shipment.

Daily Schedule (Updated every 30 minutes)

Daily schedule

Vessel CY Open/Cut Table

U.S. ・Latin・Europe (AMS/ENS/ACI vessels)

U.S.・Latin・Europe (Non AMS/ENS/ACI vessels)


Long Term Schedule

Export schedule

Import schedule