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Project LIFT: Elevating your APL experience

Since 15 October 2018, Project LIFT took off across all APL services and platforms to better serve our customers’ business needs.

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Growing hand in hand with our customers; capitalizing regional and international opportunities

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APL Panama, subsidiary company of CMA CGM of France, was established in 2001, with the objective of consolidating the cargo transshipment operations in containers for Latin America of the shipping company APL in the Panamanian port system and strengthening the commercial presence of APL in the country. In the Republic of Panama, APL has three offices; strategically located two in the city of Panama (Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal) and another in Manzanillo International Terminal in the city of Colon, adjacent to the Colon Free Zone and Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal. Currently, APL is one of the main shipping companies in Panama and plays a vital role in the Panamanian market. With a global reach and local experience, APL Panama offers its clients regional and international opportunities

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Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience.

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