Import Procedures

Import Procedures

Trust APL Turkey with your import shipments

Required Documents to collect Delivery Order (D/O)

  1. Original Bill Of Lading, duly signed and endorsed by authorized signatory of consignee
  2. The person who collects the delivery order;
  3. If haulage is to be arranged by consignee, Letter of Undertaking for Temporary Customs on company letterhead paper must be submitted. Please contact us for competitive Haulage rates.
  4. Demurrage deposit checks in favour of APL CO PTE LTD MERKEZI SINGAPUR ISTANBUL SUBESI (1 month dated) Deposit amount; 800$/20' - 1600$/40' - 2000$/20'Reefer - 4000$/40'Reefer
  5. 10,50 TL Stamp Tax must be paid per Bill Of Lading. It is necessary to submit Stamp Number or Payment Receipt from taxation office.
  6. If imported cargo is Personal Goods, consignee's passport should be presented and a photocopy must be submitted.
  7. T.C. Central Bank's buying rate of exchange should be considered for TL payments.
  8. Arrival notices are kindly requested to be shared with customs broker offices for faster and more effective service.
  9. Delivery order department working hours : Weekdays between 08:00 - 11:30 hrs and 13:00 - 16:00 hrs .

Delivery Order Presentation Procedure

"TO A NAMED CONSIGNEE": The Bill Of Lading must be endorsed by the named consignee. These BLs are not transferable.

“TO ORDER”: Shipper's endorsement is necessary. If shipper's endorsement doesn’t exist, Shipper Non Endorsed Bills form must be submitted.

“TO BANK”: The Bill Of Lading must be endorsed by the Bank. If Bank's Branch is mentioned on Bill Of Lading, that branch's endorsement is necessary.

Telex Release

Delivery Order will not be submitted unless proper telex release message received from the related APL agency. Any copy of the message presented by the receiver is not considered and the receiver should be in contact with the agency to check if the telex release message is well received.


If BL type is waybill, delivery order is submitted only to "Consignee" without presentation of original BL.

Please contact our Import Customer Service dept for any inquiry and assistance needed.

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