United Arab Emirates

View, amend and approve your BL drafts online

As part of our ongoing efforts to enable greater efficiency and ease of doing business for our customers, please be informed that all your BL drafts are now available online.

Instead of a BL draft attached to e-mail, you will receive a simple link to carry out all modifications and approvals directly on our eBusiness portal.

Please note:

  • You are requested to submit all BL revisions online for a faster turnaround time.
  • If no amendment is required, please ensure to approve your Draft BL online. Without an online approval, we will not be able to release your final BL.

Q: What benefits will customers get from the online BL draft review?

  • Fewer e-mails: Only a simple notification to inform that your BL is ready for review online
  • What You See Is What You Get: Guarantee that the BL will be drawn up in exactly the way you want it
  • Quick and easy: Avoid endless e-mails and/or phone-calls between you and our agency
  • Anytime, anywhere: Our eBusiness platform is available 24/7
  • Traceability: In case of disputes, the complete history of your draft is available online, including the changes you requested
  • Availability: Your BL remains online for 3 months after the container has been delivered to your consignee

Q: How do I configure notifications for an optimal ebusiness experience?

Personal and customized notifications: Configure your eBusiness account to get real-time notifications on the status of your BL and your shipments. Refer to guides in the next question on setting up BL notifications.

Q: How do I get help?

  • How-to-Guide: Click on the links below for guides on:
  • modifying your BL drafts online
  • approving your BL drafts online
  • On-screen assistance: Use our on-screen assistance module “Need help” seen at the right-hand side of our website. Simply enter or select the topic for which you require assistance.
  • Need a demo or further assistance?

Please contact our eCommerce Team: Mailmei.ecustomers@apl.com

Thank you for your business and continued support.