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U.S. Government Cargo: Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Policy Update - Cargo Preference Requirements

Please be informed of the recent update made by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) to the Cargo Preference Requirements (DSCA Policy 19-32, [SAMM E-Change 437]).

In summary, please refer to the below for the updates:

• Cargo preference requirements must reflect the current ocean shipping environment and ensure the maximum amount of applicable cargoes are carried by the U.S. Flag vessels while remaining responsive to foreign partners' needs.

• DSCA, in coordination with the Maritime Administration (MARAD), may approve other types of service, such as P2 (combination of U.S. Flag and non-U.S. Flag vessels), based on the non-availability of U.S. Flagged transportation or for extraordinary movements.

• DSCA, in coordination with the MARAD, will issue a Determination of Non-Availability (DNA) in place of a General Waiver or Non-Availability Waiver for said approvals.

For more details and information on these updates, please visit the DSCA's website.

For U.S. Flag bookings and rates, please contact the APL U.S. Flag Desk at Mailus_flag@apl.com or 1-800-999-7733, prompt 6, prompt 2.

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