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Local Charges

Local Charges

Detention and Demurrage

Detention and Demurrage Dispute – Resolution Process

What is considered a dispute:

  • Incorrect free time and/or rates
  • Incorrect start/stop activity
  • Operational/system/customer service failures

Please send your dispute email to:

PSW Region – Los Angeles/Long Beach Area:

· Export Demurrage: MailPSW.OB.demurrage@apl.com cc: Gloria Arujo - Mailgloria.arujo@apl.com

· Import Demurrage: Mailinbound.demurrage@apl.com cc: Gloria Arujo - Mailgloria.arujo@apl.com

· Export/Import Detention: MailPSW.PerDiem@apl.com cc: Gloria Arujo - Mailgloria.arujo@apl.com

NON-PSW Region:

· All Invoices: Mailrate.dispute.desk@apl.com cc: Amalia Lopez: Mailamalia.lopez@apl.com

Information required to process the dispute:

  • Invoice number
  • Reason for dispute clearly defined
  • Relevant backup documentation and/or emails to support dispute

Please note that all disputes must be raised within 60 days of receiving the invoice.