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Intra-Asia Trade Service Update: New Service Announcement

APL is pleased to announce the launch of its new China-South East Asia (CS1) service, the maiden voyage commencing from Kaohsiung on 28 December, 2014. CS1 replaces the Korea-China Straits (KCS) service.

CS1 will provide Taiwan, Xiamen and South China with a direct link to Port Klang, Singapore and Jakarta. Shippers, including from Lianyungang and Pusan, will have access to key South East Asia markets via Chiwan. APL will continue to offer fast and efficient connections via Singapore and Kaohsiung within its extensive Intra-Asia service network.

CS1 Service Port Rotation

Kaohsiung – Xiamen – Hong Kong – Chiwan – Port Klang – Singapore – Jakarta – Singapore – Kaohsiung

For assistance, please contact your local APL representative. We thank you for your business and continued support.