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M.V. MOL Maneuver 005E - Update 02

We are writing to update you on the M.V. MOL Maneuver which is currently at Yantian. M.V. MOL Maneuver was involved in a collision with another vessel last week and is awaiting repairs. The vessel has completed discharging all her containers at Yantian and containers other than those destined for Hong Kong have been transshipped on to another vessel, M.V. MOL Progress. Containers destined for Hong Kong will be separately on forward by other vessels.

M.V. MOL Progress arrived and berthed Yantian at 2340 hours on 23 February 2012 and she completed her loading operations and sailed Yantian at 1025 hours on 27 February 2012. Her ETA next port, Shimizu is on 1 March 2012.