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Government of Indonesia Issues New Regulations on Imported Horticulture Products

The Ministry of Trade (MOT) of Indonesia recently issued Regulation No. 60/2012, effective 28 November 2012, which stipulate requirements to import of horticulture products into Indonesia, labelling requirements, verification procedures, and sufficient infrastructure for storage of horticulture products

  • Importer Registration and Permits

Regulation No. 60/2012 requires importers to satisfy a number of criteria in order to apply for an import permit (SPI) from Ministry of Trade.

Indonesian importers must have become recognized by the MOT as a Registered Importer (IT) and/or a Producer Importer (IP) of horticulture products. The regulation requires that IT Importers must own adequate cold storage facilities in order to properly store the horticultural products. All importers must receive an RIPH issued by the MOA and present the RIPH to MOT officials in order to apply for an SPI.

Import permits for fresh produce are issued on the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture, and import permits for pre–processed horticultural products issued on the recommendation of the Ministry of Industry or the National Food and Drug Agency. Exporters should ensure importers hold an import permit that covers their consignment.

  • Labelling and packaging

Registered importers must meet the packaging and labelling requirements under the regulation while performing such work in the country of origin. Packaging compliance must be proven by certification by competent laboratory testing, or self-declaration letter from importers that the packaging is in accordance with provisions. Labelling must be in Bahasa Indonesia and at least contain: the name and/or brand of product; net weight or amount of product; name and producer and/or exporter’s address; and name and importer’s address. Producer importers do not need to meet this requirement for product to be processed.

  • Pre–export survey

All imports (by both registered and producer importers) are subject to pre–shipment verification inspections in the port of origin by surveyors stipulated by the Ministry of Trade.

We remind shippers to adhere strictly to the new regulations as cargo failing to meet the requirements will not be cleared customs and risk delivery delays or return of cargo to origin at shipper’s cost.

The regulations are subject to change and it is the responsibility of shippers to abide by the latest rules and regulations.