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Pre-Notification of Trans-Shipped Consignments Subject to Veterinary Checks at the Port of Hamburg

In compliance with European Union legislation, an advance notification for consignments of animal products subject to veterinary checks has to be submitted to the veterinary border inspection post (BIP) at the first port of introduction into the European Union. This advance notification is also required for consignments of animal origin that are trans-shipped to another port and has to include among other information an adequate product description of the arriving goods.

From the 01 January 2013 the BIP Hamburg port will perform the control of the transhipment procedure and manifest control by electronic means via the Import message platform (IMP). Therefore the complete transmission of the manifest data to IMP by shipping companies will be acknowledged by the veterinary authority as valid pre-notification for consignments in transhipment providing that all consignments of animal products originating in or consigned from third countries are notified with the six digit code of the harmonised system (HS-Code). In this case, no further notification to the BIP is required and the veterinary clearance is exclusively performed in IMP.

In order for APL to be able to be compliant and ensure there is no delay to the onward shipment of your containers and cargo, we would require the shipping instructions to include the HS-Code at the six digit level for the commodity being shipped and we would appreciate your assistance to ensure that we are able to comply with the German authorities.