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Disruptions and delays in transportation due to HURRICANE SANDY - Update 05

Hurricane Sandy continues to cause disruptions and delays in air, rail, and road transportation and is expected to continue to have an impact into the coming week.


Maher Terminals has restored power and commenced vessel and gate operations on Monday. On Tuesday, November 6th, Maher will not be working vessels in order to minimize terminal congestion but will be staffing gate operations. Vessel operations are expected to resume on Wednesday, November 7th. All customers are encouraged to pick up import containers if possible. Please check Maher Terminal’s website ( for the most up to date information. APMT and PNCT have also commenced vessel and gate operations and will be open on election day. As a general rule the port authority is not allowing truck traffic into the port after 1800 hours.

Vessel Activity

The APL Melbourne V 022 (AEE Service) berthed at Maher terminals and is anticipated to depart at 0300 hours on November 6th.

The MOL Encore V 070 (APX Service) is expected to complete operations and sail on November 6th.

The APL Cyprine V 182 (SZX Service) is expected to berth at 0800 hours on November 6th, however, based on labor orders at Maher Terminals, the vessels ETD is yet to be determined.

The Sealand Eagle V 219 (ATS Service) is expected to berth on November 6th.

The APL Coral V 184 (SZX Service) and APL Sardonyx V 125 (APX Service) completed operations at Maher terminals and have sailed.

Due to the initial closure of the NY/NJ ports, four vessels with APL shipments had been diverted to the Port of Norfolk. These vessels are: APL Indonesia V 023, MOL Destiny V 012, HMM Dynasty 025 and the Maersk Holsatia. Please note that the Holsatia (HLX215) discharged part of its cargo in New York before being forced to leave port by Hurricane Sandy. Customers have been sent communications with the specific shipments impacted by these diversions.


All embargoes on the CSX have been lifted except for intermodal shipments to Elizabeth Marine Terminal, Port Newark Container Terminal and New York Container Terminal, which are not yet operational. Expect congestion at Kearny ramp until backlog has been worked off.

NS embargoes have been lifted with the exception of the Elizabeth Marine Terminal in New Jersey.

APL Offices

The APL Union Office has now restored power and is back open. The APL Kearny Terminal is still without power but expects to open gate operations from 0700 hours to 1500 with a single lane. We are hopeful power will be restored by this Thursday.