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Disruptions and delays in transportation due to HURRICANE SANDY - Update 07

Hurricane Sandy continues to cause disruptions and delays in air, rail, and road transportation and is expected to continue to have an impact in the coming week. The snow and rain currently hitting the affected regions are anticipated to hamper recovery efforts.


All marine terminals and offsite depots have returned to “normal” operating hours with prior restrictions now lifted. All terminals have indicated they will be open on Veterans day (November 12, 2012). Please remember to check the different terminal websites for the most up to date information. Customers should anticipate congestion in the port area as the backlog of volume is worked off at the different facilities. In addition, chassis supply is anticipated to continue to be tight.


All embargoes on the CSX have been lifted and efforts are being made to return to pre-hurricane Sandy conditions. Chassis supply is tight and may impact cargo flow through the local rail ramps.

All embargoes on the NS have been lifted.

APL Offices

Power has been restored to the APL Kearny Terminal. Gate hours will remain at 0700 hours to 1600 hours as we continue to focus on facility and equipment repair. The APL Union Office has now restored power and is back open.

**All times are EST.