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Guatemala New Customs Decree 14-2013

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you that with effect from December 4, 2013, the government of Guatemala has enacted a new decree, 14-2013, that imposes significant fines for incorrect cargo declaration and late or incomplete manifest submission.

Incorrect Cargo Declaration

The Guatemalan customs demands correct cargo declaration for all shipments. Hefty fines will be imposed for incorrect commodity, description, piece count, measurements, consignee address or any changes to the bill of lading.

Late or Incomplete Manifest Submission

The Guatemalan customs also specifies that inbound manifests have to be submitted 24 hours prior to vessel arrival and outbound manifests 24 hours after vessel departure. In order to meet the timeline, all amendments for Guatemala inbound shipments have to be completed 72 hours before vessel arrival.

We urge you to ensure that all information stated on shipping instructions is accurate as failure to comply will result in fines ranging from US$300 to US$2,000 depending on the frequency of occurrence and incident, with an ultimate risk of loss of privileges to any organization with frequent non-compliance.

If you need more information, please contact your local APL representative.