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Japan Status Update

One week after a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, Japan continues to cope with severe disruption. NOL’s offices are open for business and its vessels and marine terminals continue to operate.

Here is a status update:

  • NOL’s office in Tokyo is open for business and its marine terminals in Kobe and Yokohama are operational. Our vessels continue to call at the two ports. We are monitoring conditions in Japan closely to ensure the safety of our employees, our assets, our facilities and our customers’ cargo.
  • We are declining bookings to the following locations in Japan because operational facilities are inaccessible or unavailable due to earthquake or tsunami damage:

    Hitachinaka and Kashima in Ibaraki prefecture;
    Ishinomaki, Ofunato, Shiogama and Sendai in Miyagi prefecture;
    Onahama and Shirakawa in Fukushima prefecture;
    Hachinohe in Aomori.

  • We are currently unable to move or deliver cargo to many locations in Japan according to original delivery schedules. This is due to interrupted rail, road and barge networks in northeastern Japan. We are notifying customers in those circumstances.
  • We have established new routings to ensure our vessels at sea remain 200 nautical miles from the area near damaged nuclear reactors where increased radiation levels have been detected. We are not transporting cargo into the area near the reactors, nor are we taking cargo from that area.
  • We are monitoring weather patterns in Japan and offshore on an hourly basis. If wind and weather forecasts indicate that radiation from Japan will be carried over our prescribed routes, we will again alter course to avoid contact or exposure.
  • To protect our employees and customers’ cargo, we will not transport shipments near areas of risk.
  • We have announced a $100,000 donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society for earthquake victim relief. We will also match our employees’ contributions to the Red Cross.
  • We will continue to provide updates as conditions change in Japan.