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MOL Presence V026

Dear Valued Customer,

This is an update on the container vessel MOL Presence, which is currently en route to Japan following an inspection at the Port of Xiamen in China.

According to MOL, the operator of the ship, a scan by Chinese authorities has detected heightened levels of radiation at some locations on the vessel. The ship has been directed to Kobe, Japan, without discharging cargo at Xiamen.

MOL indicates that it will re-scan the vessel in Kobe to take radiation readings and determine if there are any areas with heightened levels of radiation. If it detects heightened levels of radiation, MOL says it will correct the situation by cleansing the area in question. Once that process is completed, the cargo will be transported to final destination.

The MOL Presence is scheduled to arrive in Kobe March 30. It is not yet certain how long re-scanning will take.

If you have questions, please contact your APL representative.