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REMINDER: All APL services LIFT off TODAY!

As a gentle reminder, from today, you will enjoy the LIFT experience when you ship with APL on all our services, starting with voyages that set sail on or after 12 November 2018.

How is this different from the 11 services previously broadcasted?

Before today, LIFT only covered 11 selected services, and for three of these services – only in single directions. From today onwards, LIFT will expand to cover all APL services in all directions, starting with voyages that set off on or after 12 November 2018.

I want to place a booking for a voyage within the scope described above. How should I proceed?

Online booking will be performed only via APL eBusiness, which replaces HomePort today. Other APL booking channels remain accessible. Click here for more information.

What happens to my booking confirmed previously on an impacted service?

Rest assured that your booking remains confirmed. The said booking, however, will be transferred to our new system. As such, you can expect to receive from us a replacement Booking Confirmation notice. It is important to note that while your Booking Confirmation will come in a new template and will carry the Booking Reference and the Voyage Number in new formats, it refers to the same booking.

How do I transact on voyages not covered in the scope described above?

For all voyages that are not on the 11 selected services, and which set off before 12 November, your end-to-end process and interfaces with APL remains unchanged. For online transactions, HomePort remains accessible via the APL eBusiness menu (under EBUSINESS OFFER) for these voyages.

What else can I expect from my LIFT experience on these services?

For details on LIFT, we strongly encourage you to visit the LIFT microsite. Available in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese, the site offers you a quick overview of your LIFT experience by the role/s you play.

Who can I contact for any queries on LIFT?

For enquiries on HomePort and APL eBusiness, please do not hesitate to contact For all other queries, kindly contact your local APL representative.

Enjoy your LIFT experience!