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Trans-Pacific Market - EXX Void Sailings (Update)

Following our last advisory, please be informed that APL will be implementing additional void sailings on our Eagle Express X (EXX) service in view of the Lunar New Year period:

EXX Void Sailings

(Void Sailing)
Original Ningbo ETA Original Shanghai ETA Original Los Angeles ETA
APL Thailand 13 Feb 2019 14 Feb 2019 26 Feb 2019
APL China 20 Feb 2019 21 Feb 2019 5 Mar 2019

To provide undisrupted coverage for Dutch Harbor, EXX vessels will continue to operate on the following rotation:

APL Thailand APL China
Dutch Harbor 6 Mar 2019 13 Mar 2019
Yokohama 15 Mar 2019 22 Mar 2019
Busan 17 Mar 2019 24 Mar 2019

Please contact your local APL representative if you need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.