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Trans-Pacific Market: EX1 Service Update - President Eisenhower omits Qingdao and adds ad-hoc Yantian call

Please be informed that Eagle Express (EX1) vessel voyage PRESIDENT EISENHOWER (0DB71E1PL) will be omitting its upcoming Qingdao call and adding ad-hoc Yantian call.

Vessel Voyage Omitted Port Added Port Port Rotation
Qingdao, China
ETA 6 May 2020
Yantian, China
ETA 7 May 2020
Yokohama - Naha - Busan - Qingdao - Yantian - Shanghai - Busan - Los Angeles - Oakland

As a result of the port omission, the following contingency plans will be implemented:

Contingency plans for EX1 - PRESIDENT EISENHOWER

Please contact your local APL representative if you need any assistance.

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