Customer Advisory Services

Arrangement for China Reefer Imports

Due to recent developments in China, terminal operations and pick-up of inbound containers has been slow. Consequently, some ports in China – in particular Yantian – are reaching full capacity, and most reefer plugs are already being occupied.

In view of the operational challenges, to facilitate cargo movement and keep your cargo in optimum condition, as your responsible carrier, the evolving situation may require us to make temporary storage arrangements for your cargo in transit. This may involve diverting your cargo to another port location for interim storage.

As we try our best to safeguard your cargo, please note that all related costs will be on Merchant’s account* upon delivery.

Our local office will reach out and advise details if your cargo is affected.

On the other hand, if your containers have already arrived at the Yantian container terminals, we strongly urge you to make arrangement to pick them up as soon as possible to avoid accumulating demurrage fees.

We will continue to keep you informed of any change to the current situation. For more information and assistance, please contact your local representative.

Thank you for your kind understanding and continued support.

*Pursuant to Provision 10 “MATTERS AFFECTING PERFORMANCE” of the carrier’s Bill of Lading Terms and Condition, please be informed that all additional costs, including but not limited to storage, demurrage and plugging costs at the alternative discharge port or extra forwarding costs, shall be for Merchant's account and payable upon delivery. The carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to cargo resulting from circumstances totally beyond the carrier’s control, for which risks and costs shall be for Merchant’s account. In the event the Consignee defaults the payment, the carrier reserves the right to recover all related costs from the Shipper.