Customer Advisory Rates Tariffs

Peak Season Surcharge - From Asia to U.S.

Please be informed that unless otherwise specified, a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS-00) will apply to tariff or service contract rates for all cargo moving under the scope as outlined effective June 1st, 2021 for all APL cargo on the following lanes:

From/via: All Asia (includes Far East) Ports of Loading
To: All U.S. Ports of Discharge and inland points

  • USD 540 per 20' (all types)
  • USD 600 per 40' (all types)
  • USD 600 per 40'HC (all types)
  • USD 675 per 40' (reefer types)
  • USD 765 per 45' (all types)
  • USD 960 per 53'* (all types)

*USWC ports of discharge

The PSS-00 will not apply to shipment rates to/via Guam port of discharge.

Please contact your local APL representative if you need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.