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REMINDER: LIFT experience for selected services begins TODAY!

As a gentle reminder, from today, you will get a head start of your LIFT experience if and when you ship with APL on 11 selected services.

Which APL services are involved?

Your LIFT experience will kick off with 11 selected vessel services, for effective sailings below and their subsequent voyages:

S/N Service Effective Vessel Voyage First Port Call & ETA
China Bangkok Express
CONTSHIP WIN (v.008) Hong Kong 20 Sep 2018
Atlantic Express Service
EVER LUCKY (v.030 Eastbound*) New York 24 Sep 2018
North Atlantic Service
SEATRADE RED (v.211) Zeebrugge 24 Sep 2018
4 WA5
West Asia Express 5
HYUNDAI DREAM (v.027) Gwangyang 27 Sep 2018
5 JT2
Japan Thailand 2
TS TOKYO (v.016) Osaka 26 Sep 2018
Caracara Express
EVER SMILE (v.083 Westbound*) Buenaventura 29 Sep 2018
India East Coast Express
PL GERMANY (v.066) Busan 27 Sep 2018
Central China Loop 2
CSCL BOHAI SEA (v.019) Tianjing 24 Sep 2018
9 MX1
Mediterranean Express 1
OOCL SINGAPORE (v.024 Eastbound*) Valencia 24 Sep 2018
10 CSE
China Southeast Asia Service
NORDPUMA (v.019) Ningbo 2 Oct 2018
11 IPE
India Pakistan Express
MSC ALGHERO MSC PINA(v. 227) Port Qasim 25 Sep 2018

*LIFT applies to all subsequent voyages in this direction only on this service. For the other services – unless otherwise specified – LIFT applies to the full rotation (both directions)

I want to book on one of these services. How should I proceed?

Specifically for the above services – from the effective sailings onwards – online booking will be performed only via APL eBusiness, currently launched on If you attempt to book against any one of the above services over HomePort, you will be redirected to APL eBusiness to carry out your booking accordingly. Other APL booking channels remain accessible on these services. For details, please visit the LIFT microsite.

What happens to my booking confirmed prior to August 27 on an impacted service?

Rest assured that your booking remains confirmed. The said booking, however, will be transferred to our new system. As such, you can expect to receive from us a replacement Booking Confirmation notice. It is important to note that while your Booking Confirmation will come in a new template and will carry the Booking Reference and the Voyage Number in new formats, it refers to the same booking.

How do I transact on services not listed above?

For now, APL eBusiness (currently launched on applies exclusively to online transactions relating to the above-listed services, starting with the effective voyages. Please do not use this site to book or transact on all other services. Until otherwise notified, for all other services, your end-to-end process and interfaces with APL remains unchanged.

What else can I expect from my LIFT experience on these services?

For details on LIFT, we strongly encourage you to visit the LIFT microsite at Available in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese, the site offers you a quick overview of your LIFT experience by the role/s you play.

Who can I contact for any queries on LIFT?

For enquiries on HomePort and APL eBusiness, please do not hesitate to contact For all other queries, kindly contact your local APL representative. Enjoy your LIFT experience!