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Enhanced Guam Saipan Express (GSX) celebrates Christmas with first weekly sailing

Following our last advisory, APL is pleased to announce that the enhanced Guam Saipan Express (GSX) service will begin its first sailing on 25 December 2016 from the additional port call at Yokohama, Japan.

Shippers now have even more options to access Guam and Saipan markets from Asia and North America via APL’s global network and GSX, which will double its frequency to call weekly at the ports of Busan, Yokohama, Guam and Saipan.

The enhanced GSX service provides:

  • Weekly Priority 1 U.S. flag service departures from the U.S. West Coast ports to Guam and Saipan via APL’s Eagle Express (EX1) service
  • A direct service connecting Guam and Saipan to APL’s global network via Yokohama, in addition to Busan
  • Supported by dedicated support teams on Guam island and U.S. mainland
  • Exclusively APL operated and managed vessels for better control

GSX new port rotation

Busan - Yokohama - Guam - Saipan - Busan

First Sailing

APL Saipan ETA Yokohama 25 December 2016

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