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Trans-Pacific Market - Post-Chinese New Year Void Sailings

Please be informed that in response to traditional seasonal changes in market demand, the G6 Alliance, of which APL is a member, has announced the following planned post-Chinese New Year void sailings:

Asia – U.S. East Coast Service Void Sailing

Singapore Vietnam Express 2 (SVS)

Originally intended vessel – E.R. Tokyo (v.003)

Eastbound – Week 6, ETA Hong Kong 10 February 2017

Asia – U.S. West Coast Services Void Sailings

South China 1 (SC1)

Originally intended vessel – APL Boston (v.031)

Eastbound – Week 5, ETA Xiamen, 2 February 2017

Central China 4 (CC4)

Originally intended vessel – NYK Aphrodite (v.081)

Eastbound – Week 6, ETA Shanghai, 10 February 2017[/p]

In lieu of the above void sailings, please be informed that the G6 Alliance has agreed to the following port inclusion on the respective services:

In lieu of SVS void sailing: China East Coast (CEC)

NYK Olympus (v.043) will call Jacksonville on an adhoc basis in the corresponding week.

In lieu of SC1 void sailing: South China 2 (SC2)

SC2 will double Kaohsiung and Los Angeles/Long Beach calls in the corresponding week

Vessel – OOCL Memphis (v.029), ETA Xiamen 11 February 2016

SC2 port rotation for OOCL Memphis:

Da Chan Bay – Hong Kong – Yantian – Kaohsiung (APL + OOCL terminals) – Long Beach (OOCL terminal) – Los Angeles (HMM terminal) – Kaohsiung (APL + OOCL terminals) – Xiamen – Hong Kong – Da Chan Bay

For more information, please contact your local APL representative. We thank you for your business and continued support.