API/EDI Solutions

Our EDI & API solutions simplify the daily sharing of data by creating efficient connections between your system and APL's system.

API - Application Program Interface

APIs work as a plug and play service allowing information systems - yours and APL's - to communicate easily. Systems talk to each other and data are exchanged in real-time. You can easily specify the data you need and adjust the scope on your own.

At the heart of the digital age, it increases the efficiency of the exchanges but also opens new pathways for innovation. Combine our APIs building blocks with your own services to create new products through innovative web and mobile apps.

We deliver REST API widely used by web developers in many industries.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EDI allows the exchange of documents between two companies via electronic batches and relies on specific standards.

The setup doesn't require any change in your process. It will simply switch from paper documents to electronic ones by separating each stream if needed.

The solution streamlines the sending and receipt of your data such as Booking Requests and confirmations, Original BL, Container tracking, Schedules...

This results in an increased efficiency for all transactional processes, thus bringing compelling advantages.

Benefits vs. Challenges (API)

Most up-to-date data on a 24/7 basis
Retrieve the data you need at anytime
Quick and lower cost
Use our portal to setup on your own
Fixed format
You must adapt to our format (aligned with DCSA standards)
API skills required
Developers particularly drive such projects

Good to know

Customer ProfileCustomer Profile: Dedicated to any type of partners.

ImplementationImplementation: The implementation is very quick and can be done within a few days.

CostCost: Depending on APIs, some fees may apply. Free usage until threshold is proposed. Please get in touch with your sales representative for more information.

Benefits vs. Challenges (EDI)

Frequent use in the industry
Send large volumes of documents at once
EDI format defined with norms
Timer-based processing data
Need dedicated IT resources to maintain
Long implementation
Significant workload to complete

Good to know

Customer ProfileCustomer Profile: EDI connections are usually dedicated to MarketPlaces or large companies running high volumes of bookings per year with the CMA CGM Group.

ImplementationImplementation: The implementation is quite long and takes at least three months. A dedicated IT team is required to implement such projects as they required specific skills and bandwidth.

CostCost: Fees may apply. Please get in touch with your sales representative for more information.

Our Offer

Our Offer

Available APIs

See below APIs which are available right now or will be delivered soon.

OUR OFFER SCHEDULE Get information concerning routing port-pairs for maritime voyage GET Live
LINES & SERVICES Get details over Lines and corresponding services GET Live
VOYAGES Get detail of voyages for a dedicated Line GET Live
QUOTATION MY CONTRACTS Get your existing quotes (contract / Instant quotes) GET Q1 - 2020
QUOTATION INSTANT QUOTE Get spot quotes GET Q1 - 2020
TRANSPORT EXECUTION BOOKING REQUEST Send your bookings request POST Q2 - 2020
BOOKING CONFIRMATION Get your booking confirmation GET Q2 - 2021
VALUE ADDED SERVICES Expose our VAS catalogue to our customers GET Q1 - 2020
SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS Send your booking shipping instructions POST Q1 - 2020
VGM Send your Verified Gross Mass POST Q4 - 2020
DOCUMENTeBL Prepare & print your B/L (draft, copy, waybill) GET/POST Q3 - 2020
SHIPPING DOCUMENT Get your shipping documents (LOI, Arrival notice, etc.) GET Live
ORIGINAL B/L Retrieve your OBL ready for printing in PDF GET Live
VISIBILITY TRACKING Get position of your container / Receive alerts on its moves until its discharge at POD GET Live
Subscribe to alerts/events to receive personalized moves in real-time (ex: loaded on board) PUSH Q3 - 2020
PRICINGeINVOICES Receive your invoices (import / export, freight and D&D, invoices & credit note) GET Q2 - 2020
eINVOICES DISPUTE Post and follow up your disputes GET/POST Q4 - 2020
eINVOICES PAYMENT Pay your invoices POST Q4 - 2020

Available EDI Connections

Standardized EDI Formats, given by default, can be adapated and personalized according to your needs.

Products Description EDIFACT ANSI
SCHEDULE Schedules updated on a daily basis IFTSAI 323
BOOKING REQUEST Booking request IFTMBF 300
SHIPPING ORDER Specific format for Booking IFTMINB
BOOKING CONFIRMATION Booking confirmation (including any change or cancellation IFTMBC 301
SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONSSending of Shipping Instructions enabling B/L establishment IFTMIN 304
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAcknowlegement of received format CONTROL
B/L DATAB/L Information IFTMCS 310
B/L PDFElectronic B/L under PDF Format
CONTAINER TRACKINGContainer movements IFTSTA 315
ETA UPDATEEstimated date and time of vessel arrival IFTSTA 315
INVOICE Electronic Invoice IFTFCC

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