APL locks in the freshness of cargo from origin to destination

CMA CGM To maintain flavor, texture and aroma, and prevent disease, many meat and seafood products are best shipped at temperatures of -20°C (-4°F) or lower. At APL, we apply decades of experience to develop optimum reefer solutions for every type of frozen cargo. We understand how to freeze, package, stow and ship your goods to guarantee quality on delivery. We can even monitor the shipment 24/7 so you know your product is in safe hands.

Types of frozen cargo

  • Frozen meats, poultry and seafood
  • Frozen prepared foods
  • Frozen concentrates


Key factors that affect the shipment of frozen cargo

  • Freezing

Freezing preserves the quality of frozen food by inhibiting micro-organisms and slowing most enzyme activities and oxidative processes. Fast and complete freezing, leads to superior product quality

  • Thawing

Repeated thawing and freezing is detrimental to product quality. Our reefer containers can facilitate precise temperature management to avoid temperature fluctuations

  • Packaging

Appropriate packaging can protect food from freezer burn, bacterial contamination and the effects of oxygen. Packaging material should be impermeable to water, vapor, oxygen, volatile odors and substances

  • Pre-cooling

Proper pre-cooling of containers prevents surface thawing, freezer burn and condensation

  • Stowing

Frozen cargo should be stacked as a solid block to allow air to circulate around the periphery of the load. For stowage of cargo in containers with flat-sided walls, slightly loose stowage is necessary to facilitate air circulation

  • Ventilation

The fresh air vent must always be closed tight and sealed to avoid unwanted heat from entering for all frozen cargo shipments

Shipping your frozen cargo with Magnum®, Magnum Plus® or Super Freezer

Shipping frozen fish with high fat content and crustaceans is possible with Magnum and Magnum Plus which generate low temperatures of -35°C and -40°C respectively. Super Freezer allows for the shipping of commodities which require ultra-low temperature of -60°C, such as sashimi grade tuna and raw materials for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. With proven technology in these refrigeration units, be assured that your frozen cargo can maintain their freshness and value throughout the journey.

Magnum® and Magnum Plus® (English)

Super Freezer (English)

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