Special & Exotic Cargo

APL’s reefer solutions ensure the safe shipment of special & exotic products with special handling needs

Medicine Some special cargo are more fragile than perishable foods and need constant temperature and humidity protection throughout the supply chain. With 24/7 monitoring during shipment, we have the management skills and product expertise to provide the care with your special and exotic cargo need.

Key factors that affect the shipment of special & miscellaneous cargo

  • Temperature management

    Chemical reactions can occur if temperatures are not kept within the prescribed range. APL monitors your cargo at all stages from pre-cooling to stowage and throughout shipment.

  • Pre-shipment handling

    Products that are especially susceptible to damage will be handled with extra safety precautions to ensure smooth delivery.

  • Sanitation

    Sanitary procedures are carried out every step of the way to prevent medical products from bacterial contamination.

  • Packaging and stowage

    Variable product characteristics mean tailored packaging and stowage solutions are critical for safe shipment.

  • Product compatibility

    Some special and miscellaneous cargo cannot be shipped in the same container. Our highly-trained personnel always follow manufacturers’ instructions to ensure safe delivery.

For the shipping of pharmaceutical products, click here to learn more on PHARMA reefer division.