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With COLD TREATMENT services, be assured that your produce are transported to its destination without insects, larvae, and eggs.

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Fulfill phytosanitary requirements

Eliminate insects, larvae, and eggs from your fresh produce with COLD TREATMENT services.

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Preserve the freshness and the environment

Without the use of fumigation and pesticides, our cold treatment process meets the stringent import protocols and is friendly to the environment. This also allows your produce to remain organic.

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Retain your cargo quality

Your produce can reach the markets faster and in optimum conditions with COLD TREATMENT services.

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Secure your cargo

Although unlikely, failure in cold treatment will have a negative impact on your business. As such, a standard warranty is included in your cold treatment. You can also take up our Premium Guarantee which offers a higher coverage amount for high-value cargo.

How does it work?

  • Cold treatment is carried out by setting and maintaining a specific low fruit pulp temperature throughout the journey.
  • To avoid unnecessarily stress on the produce, APL offers the option to gradually step up the set temperature once the quarantine period is completed.
  • By using our COLD TREATMENT services, you can be assured that there is no impact to your business as we will cover the following costs in case of failure in our cold treatment service:

- A second cold treatment process if required
- Extra expenses including storage, plugging costs, handling charges, etc.
- Loss of profits
- Expenses for rerouting
- Damage to cargo

Upon your request, the standard guarantee can be upgraded to Premium Guarantee by paying an additional premium.

Terms & Conditions apply.


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