Live Monitoring

APL supervises the health of your cargo throughout the voyage and our cutting edge technology allows you to check that we are delivering

From container yard through delivery, APL monitors the health of your produce 24/7. Our specially trained personnel routinely take readings from the reefer’s decal to ensure this fits the requested temperature and fresh-air exchange settings. All readings are stored in a log for quality-control purposes and any problems are quickly corrected to ensure optimal conditions are maintained.

Customers with zero tolerance for supply chain downtime can also monitor the entire process in real-time using SMARTemp®, APL’s cutting edge visibility tool.



In-transit temperature, humidity and atmosphere satellite tracking. Real-time.

CMA CGM Our market leading Satellite Monitoring and Remote Temperature Tracking system provides customers with real-time reefer temperature, humidity levels, O2 and CO2, and cargo temperature. If reefer unit settings diverge from requested settings, instant alerts are sent to APL’s on-call teams who take immediate corrective action. Instant data access can also save time and money by avoid processes such as post-voyage cargo validation.

SMARTemp allows you to check your temperature-sensitive produce is being monitored with the extra precision and protection you require all along the supply chain.


  • Utilizes low orbit Iridium satellite constellation
  • Continually monitors the temperature, humidity and O2 and CO2 levels of refrigerated containers carrying sensitive cargo
  • Allows access to ‘live’ online information on temperature, humidity, and O2 and CO2 levels
  • Real-time information can be retrieved from APL’s HomePort e-commerce portal
  • Data can be archived for up to 2 months


  • Added visibility of shipment with instant access to actual, real-time data
  • Enhanced cargo protection minimizes damage and financial loss
  • Instant alerts on any exceptions will be sent to APL’s on-call cargo teams to provide immediate corrective action
  • Immediate access to data eliminates costly and time-consuming processes such as post-voyage cargo validation which is required for pharmaceutical cargo

Products that benefit from SMARTemp


  • Pharmaceuticals (e.g. Blood plasma and vaccines)
  • High value products (e.g. laptop)

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