Temperature Management

Our industry-leading reefer systems use temperature control precision to preserve perfect cargo freshness

CMA CGM APL understands that your temperature-sensitive products require 24/7 monitoring to avoid damage and ensure cargo integrity and quality. Our reefer solutions incorporate an advanced electronic, microprocessor-based control system which automatically cools, holds or heats the container to maintain the desired temperature within the narrowest of ranges.
We can take your cargo to its optimal set point temperature with maximum efficiency and keep it there using sophisticated control algorithms designed to protect the most sensitive of cargo.


  • Precise temperature control for the most sensitive cargo
  • Monitoring of all four temperature sensors (supply and return air)
  • Complex control algorithms are employed to ensure temperatures remain at optimum levels
  • Enables cargo to reach set point quickly without the supply air dropping below the set point

Examples of products that benefit from temperature management


Precise temperature management
- Banana
- Guava
- Lettuce
- Mango

Low temperature management
- Tuna