Temperature Management

Temperature control

To preserve the quality of perishable goods during transport, specific temperatures need to be set in the containers carrying the goods. Our reefer containers allow temperature control and offer the following:

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High freezer

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When it comes to shipping products like ice-cream or frozen fish which require extremely low temperatures of -40°C and below, high freezer containers are the perfect choice.

Cold Treatment

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To keep cargo at a specific and accurate temperature for a predetermined and uninterrupted period, Cold Treatment is the solution for you.

A highly precise process, Cold Treatment will remove parasites like fruit flies without the use of pesticides or fumigation and meet the strict quarantine protocols set by many importing countries.

In case of Cold Treatment technical failure, APL offers Cold Treatment guarantee to our customers, protecting their businesses from by limiting their financial impact.


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Up to six different temperatures can be programmed with Multi-temperatures system. For example, tomatoes and potatoes are commodities which require temperature changes during the voyage.

Customers can define the periods setting so that different temperatures will be applied during the voyage. This will allow the desired ripening of sensitive fruits.