APL Shipping Mobile App

Designed to fit your lifestyle, the APL mobile app is easy to use and let you have shipping information at your fingertips.

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New feature: My Prices

Check your rates

  • Flexibility-2 Check all your existing quotations on the APL mobile app and receive new instant quotations when there is no reference available.

Access your shipment dashboard

  • Calendar-TimeTrack and trace your shipment, across various transport solutions, vessels and shipping lines on which your shipment is assigned.

  • container Track your shipments by container number.

Obtain routing solutions

  • Route Use the APL mobile app to access our routing finder for optimized routing solutions selected from port-to-port schedules.

Bookmark and share

  • Star-Lined Bookmark your searches for easier management of multiple shipments. Simply open the APL mobile app to quickly get all the information you need from your bookmarks.

  • Share Share your search results to inform others on your shipment’s status, news, or any other information in the mobile app.

Be informed of the latest news

  • news Stay up-to-date with APL news, from service updates to corporate information.

Locate your nearest local agency

  • boat Contact us easily through the mobile app if you need help or have any questions.

  • boat Our agencies offer a range of services to meet your needs – search for one nearest to your location.

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