Cargo Handling

Expert handling is critical to maximizing cargo value on delivery Weather conditions dictate the pitch and roll of container vessels and the containers they carry at sea. Boxes are also subject to vertical pressures at the port during handling by cranes and gantries, and to horizontal pressures during road transport as the truck accelerates and decelerates. Avoiding damage to cargo while also maximizing payload requires precise packing, stowing and securing solutions tailored to each shipment.

At APL, we understand your cargo’s requirements. We apply decades of technical experience to ensure it is handled and secured safely and in conformity with relevant dimensional regulations and laws covering both ocean and intermodal transport.

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packing Palletized loads allow for easy container loading and minimize damage from condensation in containers and during handling and transportation.

Stowing Proper stowage planning and the use of dunnage are necessary to preserve cargo value and maximize payload.

Securing Goods should be packed in the container to achieve a tight fit to prevent sliding and other movements during transit.

Reefer Cargo Handling You can depend on APL to advise you on the proper cargo handling procedures to maximize the shelf life of cargo shipped refrigerated.

Special Cargo Handling Appropriate cargo handling guidelines for Automobile and Marble blocks.

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